Subjective escapism

I had a funny little thought which I thought I’d share on here.

I work quite a lot abroad, mostly in Europe, occasionally beyond. As a result I take loads of photos and put them on Facebook, mostly for my other half and mum to track me, but also cos seeing the world is great. I wondered if people I went to school with, i.e. non-singers, look at my photos and sigh, thinking, ‘how wonderful, I wish I could live like that…’

I only had this thought because I realised that my version of this is to look at their Facebook from my empty hotel room, after dinner alone, and see them coming home from work at 5.30pm, seeing their kids, walking the dog, having a Saturday day trip to the seaside, I feel just the same and sigh, ‘I wish I could live like that…’

I’m sure neither of us would swap given the chance, but it is funny how the grass truly is always greener.


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