Being friends with singers- addendum- recommendations

Following on to my previous post about being friends with singers, I began thinking about making recommendations.

I said before that you should always choose the better singer over the better person. However, I do think a bit of balance is needed.

The most important thing to remember about your recommendation is that not only their reputation, but your reputation, hangs on their performance and behaviour.

To that end, I try to recommend the best singers I know for all work I can, but there are people I don’t recommend due to their attitude or behaviour. I think this is particularly important on the amateur/choral society circuit, since they are not paid to be there, they have paid to have this experience in their spare time. It is important to engage with them socially as well as musically, to smile and thank them and be interested in their music making. If I don’t feel my recommendation will behave well I won’t send them.


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