Stuff I like.

I’ll pop some little links in here to things I find helpful.

I love this group on Facebook, it’s full of auditions, productions, questions, debates, arguments, memories, performances and information. It has over 1600 members, so it updates pretty rapidly. If you need a score, a coach, a recording, a translation or anything else even remotely operatic, this is the place.

I love YAP tracker. I pay them $55 a year and every day they send me an email with details of opera auditions, competitions, young artists programmes and more. Great value if you ask me.

A super duper resource for online scores, all kinds. Songs, operas, this place is ace! Just don’t ask me what it stands for…

Another super duper online score site, but more for choral and sacred type stuff, although it is getting broader and broader.


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