I’m back!

So, it’s been a while. Since last time I was here I have:

Moved to another city

Done loads of freelance choral and solo work

Got married (woop!)

Moved to another city in another country

Studied for and achieved my Masters

Moved back to England, to another city

Been in some operas

Sat in my pyjamas worrying about my life choices.


Now, you may think that the main activity was the study, or the singing. But no. It was the pyjamas. The endless cups of tea. The worry. I’m writing this because, as I believe I have said before, we all project a rose-tinted, super successful version of ourselves both on social media and in real life interactions. I’m writing this because someone out there, freelancing in whatever field, needs me to say it’s ok. It happens.


Heaven knows I wish there was someone here to say it to me.